7 Important Questions to Ask Before Buying a Home

Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life. Asking the right questions to find the perfect house for your needs is essential. First-time homeowners more than anyone seem to rush into buying a place because they don’t see any other options in the near future.


It’s important to hold out on something that checks off everything from your list, then rush into a home that you know isn’t right for you. Asking these important questions will ensure you’re never in the dark when you find the home you’ve been searching for.


  1. Why is the Offering Price That High?

There are many factors the offering price can be based upon. Condition, and location affect the price considerably when luxury home buying in San Diego. Get comparable sales from homes nearby that have recently sold for rather then what sellers are asking.


  1. What is the Condition of the Home?

The condition of the house should reflect the price tag. If you’re buying a newer home it’s still important to ask condition related questions. What type of foundation is it built on?  When was the last time the appliances or any systems were changed? How old is the roof? Roofs can last anywhere from 10 to 50 years. Asking when the last time to roof was redone, or when it was put in will give you a basic estimate of when the next time it needs to be replaced will be. Replacing a roof can be an expensive project that you don’t want to be left with after you sign the lease.


Are the walls and attic insulated? If you tend to live in a colder area, having an insulated attic and walls is essential. When buying a home using a luxury realty company in San Diego, ask about the insulation. Even if you don’t live in a colder climate, insulated homes will cut down on your utility bills.


Bringing in a home inspector is another great way to get a professional, non-bias opinion on the condition of the home. Taking these precautions will ensure your dream home is safe enough for you and your family in the long term.


  1. What is the Location of the Home?

The location of the home is the one thing you need to be absolutely sure about. You can do renovations to your home, but there’s no way to move your house. Luxury homes in San Diego is a good place to start.


What are the types of properties nearby? If your new home is located near apartments, and industrial and commercial buildings it’s most likely the value of your house will go down. Try sticking to purely residential areas as their price will relatively stay the same.In the future, if you plan on moving again, houses in nicer areas are worth more than homes located in less desirable areas.


  1. What is the Neighborhood like?

What are your neighbors like? Scope out the area and talk to neighbors directly about what the neighborhood is like. You could receive valuable information from them about schools, other neighbors, traffic, and commercial areas.


Are the schools nice and close? How are the other neighbors? Is this a rowdy neighborhood? These are all easy questions to ask while scoping out your first home. It’s better to ask them now than to do so once it’s too late.


  1. How Much Did the Seller Pay?

It’s important to try to find out how much the seller paid for the house when they bought it. Clearly property value can change, but it’s good to know if you’re being scammed. The price you pay and what the seller paid depends on if the area is desirable to live in, or if it has decreased in desirability.


A luxury realty company in San Diego can help you find out this information and more. Get your agent to compile a list of recently sold properties in the area and how their prices relate to the house you’re looking at.


  1. How Many Offers Has the Seller Had?

In most cases, for a home in a desirable area, there are multiple offers on the table. If this happens, you must come up with a strong offer your luxury realtor in San Diego can submit to the seller. Unfortunately, this might mean the number is above asking price.


Don’t let this realty battle get you down. Often times, the last offer submitted will be the one with the winning offer. This doesn’t mean to wait until it’s too late. Offer a respectable price at a reasonable time in order to make the best impression on the seller.


  1. How Long Has the House Been on the Market?

This can also relate to how many offers the seller has had. The length of time a house has been on the market decreases its value. Often times, if a home has been on the market for over 90 days, you can negotiate a discounted price.


Of course, the surrounding location still depends on the length of time the house has went unpurchased. If you’re looking for a home in a residential area, 90 days is the minimum amount of time before you should submit a lower offer. If you’re looking in a rural area, around the year mark or longer is when it’s appropriate to renegotiate. This again has to do with the desirability of an area.


Asking questions before buying a new home can save you a ton of stress trying to fit your needs into a home that doesn’t fit. Don’t sacrifice your vision for a devious seller. Make sure you’ve taken all the necessary precautions before signing the lease and it’ll be a smooth transition to owning a new home.