Home Staging Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Selling your property is a large task. There are many things you need to do to make your house appeal and impress potential buyers. You want your property to stand out from the houses on the market, and you want to ensure you receive the deal for your property you deserve. While there are many things you can do to make this happen, one of the most important is to stage it. You want to create a space where buyers can envision themselves living there. You want to create a living environment that is impressive and beautiful.


However, for luxury homes in San Diego, this means that you can’t afford to make any mistakes. You will want to stage your house just like the professionals do to truly make an impression. Here are several staging mistakes you want to avoid when selling your California property.


  1. Not Taking the Time to Deep Clean


One of the most important tasks that should be completed when selling your house is conducting a deep and thorough clean of your entire property. You need to focus on every inch of the interior of your house from the corners of your ceilings to the baseboards. Many individuals may feel like this is an overwhelming task and requires too much time and effort, which they just don’t have to offer. If this is your situation, rather than simply avoiding the task, you should hire the experts. Talk to your luxury realtor in San Diego for recommendations on house cleaning services in the area.


  1. Forgetting the Cupboards and Closets


When cleaning and staging your house, you may simply focus on the areas you can see. But, for buyers, they are looking at every inch of the property. You can guarantee that they will be opening the kitchen cupboards and the hall closet to determine the type of storage and organization options that are included within. When these areas are messy and disorganized, it not only gives off a bad impression, but it also makes these areas look small and cramped.


During the staging phase, strive to remove at least 50% of all belongings in these spaces. You may want to begin packing many of these items and placing them in boxes, or you can simply donate them or throw them away.


  1. You Don’t Clear Off the Counters


When you leave a variety of items on the bathroom and kitchen counters, it makes a space look poorly cared for, small, and cluttered. This means you will want to clear off all counters as much as possible. Experts recommend that in the bathroom areas, you remove all items except for handwashing essentials. This means that all toothbrush holders, lotions, hair accessories, etc., should all be stored elsewhere.


In the kitchen area, you should have fewer than five items sitting on your counters. These should also only be items that you use on a daily basis. You may consider things such as knives, a coffee maker, microwave, etc. Just keep in mind that if you do decide to keep various appliances on the countertops, you deep clean them and make them look like new. Old and dirty appliances will only create unwanted eyesores in these important areas of the house.


  1. Including Too Many Personal Items


When staging the property, you want potential buyers to envision themselves living in the space. This cannot happen if the room is covered in family photos, weird and unusual knick-knacks, etc. When staging your house, you want to remove as many of these items as possible. You may want to start packing and placing photos, knick-knacks, and other personalized items in boxes. This will also keep them safe while you have many individuals walking through your home during showings and open houses.


  1. Not Removing Unnecessary Furniture Items


One way you can impress potential buyers is to create a house that appears open and large. However, this is hard to achieve if you have many unnecessary furniture items stored in rooms throughout your property. This will only create a space that seems cluttered and cramped.


When staging, walk through your house and look for any unnecessary items. These could be extra dressers, end tables, lamps, hutches, etc. If you no longer use these items, you may consider selling or donating them. If you will continue using them in your next house, you may wish to move them into a small shed or storage unit to get them away from the house and help open up some space.


  1. You Keep the Windows Closed


Bright rooms are a major selling point for individuals. Buyers do not want to live in houses that are dark and do not let in much natural sunlight. Prior to any showing or open house, make sure all windows are open. You may want to replace dark and thick window treatments for more colorful and light options.


However, keep in mind that when you open all of your window treatments, your glass panes will be exposed. This means you will want to take the time to clean both the interior and exterior windows. You will want to remove all fingerprints, hard water stains, and dirt as these will be noticeable throughout the property.


If you have any questions about staging or luxury home buying in San Diego, you will want to talk to a real estate agent today. An expert at a luxury realty company in San Diego can answer your questions about a smooth selling experience and help you create a house that makes an immediate impression.