Barry Estates Client Testimonial: Rannie Greer’s Clients Share Their Experience

More buyers are purchasing a home from seeing virtual and live tours or without seeing the home physically in person at all. Know that you can trust Rannie and Barry Estates to walk you through every step of the process so you are confident in finding your dream home.

Rannie Greer’s clients Karen and Joe share their experience moving from Bay Area.

Karen: Hi, my name’s Karen

Joe: and my name’s Joe.

Karen: And we just bought a house in Del Sur San Diego, and our real estate agent was Rannie Greer and she was absolutely the best to work with.

Joe: Karen and I moved here from the Bay Area. We decided to move to San Diego for a change of pace. And we were referred to Rannie by some friends of ours

Karen: And Rainey was such a pleasure to work with. She was so patient with us throughout the whole journey. Rannie was so great because number one, she was extremely patient with us and we had a super long list of requirements that we wanted for our dream home. And she was able to really listen to us and understand our needs, and then help us really narrow down to our final home that we are in the backyard of today.

Joe: When we submitted an offer on this house, it was during the height of the pandemic. And because there was so much uncertainty, we wanted to be somewhat aggressive with our pricing. Rannie was able to not only take our feedback but also coach the sellers about why they should accept an offer that was lower than what they had expected based on the circumstances, based on the environment. And she also had informed us that it would be wise to get full underwriting approval prior to going in with an offer, making our offer even stronger for the seller to accept.

Karen: Rannie went above and beyond in that she would physically go into each house, take a video of each house, send it to us, call us later to go through it, answer multiple texts and phone calls, even in the middle of the night. And she was just super responsive because I think she really cares about her clients. And that really means a lot to us.

Joe: Yeah. And based on the circumstances, we weren’t in a position to be flying out here to review every single house face to face. So having Rannie show us in person through video chat, the ins and outs of each house really helped us and moved us along in the process.

Karen: Yeah. In fact, we were so confident in this house we submitted an offer that got accepted without even physically being here.

Joe: I never saw the house until we moved in.

Karen: Yes. He didn’t even see the house until we moved in. Now that we’re in San Diego, we want all our friends and family to move down here because it’s the best place to live. So we’ve already referred multiple friends and family to Rannie. I’m glad it was the right decision. Wait, we live here.